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Low Cost Robot Kits

Low Cost Robot Kits to teach STEM

LMS Robotics is a FIRST LEGO League competitive robotics team at Lincoln Middle School. We like to share STEM and robotics education with other groups.

We created a business card "JitterCritter" robot which is a low-cost robot to educate other kids about robots. We are raising funds to package and distribute low cost Education Robot Kits.

LMS JitterBug Robot on YouTube

Our Robot Education Kit supplies all the materials (except tape and scissors) to make a "jitterbug" Bot. Included in the "jitterbug" robot kit is a battery to power the robot, wires, business cards donated by companies for the body of the robot, and electronic motor. Students create their own bug by drawing on the business cards and cutting the cards for the body and the legs. They tape the battery and motor to the underside and turn on their jitterbug robot. 

Help us fund free kits for students at GoFundMe: JitterCritter GoFundMe

We contacted local businesses to donate unneeded business cards to create the robot body and legs. 
We are raising funds to distribute up to 500 robots to students. We are packaging the robots in an Education Kit with 5 robots and instructions. Kits can be ordered at our website: 

Any organization can apply for free Robot Education Kits and may receive up to two Education Kits per organization (10 robots total).

Order your robot kit or apply for a free kit here: Robot Kit Order Form