What can I expect from FLL?

Each year FLL releases the Challenge in early Fall. Teams may start to meet before then, but the Challenge release day is when teams learn the details of this year’s Challenge and really start working. Teams usually meet 2 to 3 times per week for approximately 16 weeks. 

Many teams spend time at each meeting working on all 3 parts of the FLL experience: The Core Values, the Robot Game, and the Project. Some teams choose to divide into sub-teams so that different groups are working on different tasks. Throughout the season, your child might work with teammates on tasks such as:
  • Building a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot and attachments
  • Programming the robot to move on its own and perform missions
  • Learning about engineering and physics concepts (sometimes learning them the hard way)
  • Testing different designs and making adjustments
  • Learning about the Challenge theme
  • Choosing a real-world problem to research
  • Inventing a solution to the problem the team chose
  • Presenting the team’s solution to other people
FLL is a journey of self-discovery for everyone involved: team members, coaches, parents, and volunteers. Alongside adult Mentors, FLL teams solve problems using engineering concepts, presentation techniques, and robots. Everyone learns skills they can use for life, including respect, professionalism, teamwork, leadership, creativity, and spirit.