How can I help?

Ask Questions! 
  • Parents can provide immeasurable help to their child’s success in FLL by doing one simple thing: asking questions. Parents ask their children what they learned in school each day. So ask them questions like: 
    • “What did you do at FLL practice today?” 
    • “What problems did you face? What was the solution?” 
    • “What’s your favorite part of the Challenge so far?” 
    • By asking questions and staying engaged with your child, you are actively participating in their success.
  • Volunteers include community leaders, employees of corporate sponsors, university students and faculty, parents, teachers, and FIRST alumni and friends. You don’t need technical experience to volunteer. Ask your team’s coach what they need. Parents can often help by:
    • Serving as a mentor in your area of expertise (for example, marketing, computer programming, or even brainstorming!)
    • Planning and holding fundraisers
    • Leading team building activities at meetings
    • Planning field trips that the team requests
    • Providing space for the team to meet
    • Making travel arrangements for tournaments
    • Or one of the most important tasks – planning refreshments so your team never runs out of fuel!
    • Or even volunteering at a regional or state competition. No expertise required for regional!
Uphold the Core Values!
  • It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of discovery with the kids. Just remember that kids on FLL teams make all the decisions and do the work themselves – that is how they learn. Channel your energy into encouraging the team and cheering them on. Judges will note everyone’s behavior at tournaments. FLL expects coaches, mentors, parents, and other family members to model good behavior and Gracious Professionalism just like the team members.